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Blogger Job Salary

Everyone wants to earn a handsome amount of income to live a comfortable life. However, the bitter truth is that it is not an easy task to earn money. There are many occupations in the world that people pursuit to live a good life. However, due to the economic crisis all over the world, pay levels have decreased tremendously.
Due to decreased pay levels, the majority of people are targeting online business opportunities to live a better life. One of the key fields in online business is the Blogging job. So many bloggers all over the world are making massive amounts of income and if they are newbie, then they make there website from

Reading success stories of these bloggers, many people are thinking to join the blogging field as well. However, keep in mind that not all blogs created get success and end up as a failure within a year. However, if you are good at writing skills & have a passion for the topic or niche of the blog, then you can definitely turn your blog into an online empire. As a blogger, you have two options either work as a freelancer or employed blogger for the already well-established blog or if you are coder, then you can make blogger templates design.

Many bloggers start their career from scratch by launching their own blog. In this case, they have to put efforts and investment for a long period. Risk & rewards are closely related. The higher the risk, the higher the rewards you can expect from your blog in terms of traffic, income, and reputation. If you do not have any proven strategy and plan in place, you are more prone to the failure path. That is why success is not easy to achieve just by writing content. You have to implement SEO strategies, proper promotion & marketing strategies to get success.

In order to find out the Blogger Job Salary, we have taken data from Glassdoor. There is a huge variation for the blogger term and the salary range is $19k to $79k per year. It mainly depends upon your writing skills, experience, and native English skills. If you are good at these factors, you can earn a passive income every year. Apart from this, you can find work on a per article basis.

Blogger Job Salary also depends upon the country where you are living. In a poor country or developing country, the blogger's wage rate is very low. Wage is around half of the average rate mentioned on the Glassdoor website. Most of the US, Canadian & European blog owners hire blog writers from Philippine& South Asian countries at a fraction of standard rate. This is the total destruction of the right of original writers. Blog owners do not give credit to the original writer on the blog. As a result, the original writer never gets any spotlight in the blogging world and remains on the back screen for his or her career.

To counter this issue, we strongly suggest that you work with blog owners who pay well & give proper credits to you with your article. There are very limited people in the industry who follow this ethical path for the benefits of all. It is hard to find them but it is worthwhile to find them to grow your writing career.

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