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Indians is being done under the umbrella of this organization. UIDAI controls and monitors several aadhar centers where any person can go and submit his or her application for aadhar.

Every civilized country wants to offer the best services to its population. Similar is the case with the Indian Government. In an effort to raise the living standard of its population, it launched the aadhar finance scheme. Basically, Aadhar Finance is a company that operates all over India for needy people. The main target of this entity is to provide finance to low income earning families to get a house with easy to pay installment scheme.

Aadhar Housing Finance operates its operations from 300 branches spread all over the country. According to an estimate, there are 125,000 customers are already enjoying the services of this noble service. Initially, this entity was operating under the name of DHFL Vysya Housing Finance Ltd. However, its name was changed and since then, it is helping the poor sectors of the country very efficiently. If your income level is in the range of INR 5000 to 50,000, then you may be eligible for this housing finance scheme.

Please keep in mind that eaadhar housing finance is not a sort of ordinary entity. It is a subsidiary of the World Bank and as such, command, control and audit is very strict. No one can think to play with the funds of the general public. So rest assured, your small investment will not be compromised. Every month, funds are utilized based purely on human grounds. Aadhar Finance entity regularly monitors its performance using pre-defined KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Aadhar Finance evaluates every application with strict criteria. The overall purpose is to help out those who are really needy for this housing scheme. In order to protect the integrity of this aadhar finance, an initial fee of INR 3,500 is charged from the applicant. This also ensures no one can destroy the importance of this housing scheme. Fees paid initially is not a refundable one and you have lost the right once you pay the amount.

The performance of this organization is increasing day by day. This can be judged from the fact that within just 08 years of a short time, it has won 02 major financial awards. The main credit goes to Mr. Shri Kapil Wadhawan who chaired this entity on the right track. Since then, it is breaking all the records for human help. It is our duty to help this organization grow more and demotivate people who try to make fraud with these non-profit organizations.


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