Where Do Penguins Live

Nature has beauty all over it with tress, animals, sands, mountains, ice bergs etc. There are places on earth which are called part of heaven like Kashmir, Switzerland etc. Among these beauties, Penguin e is a flightless aquatic bird which looks very cute and sober and is not a dangerous bird and belongs to the Spheniscidae family. Often I have seen people asking about where do penguins live.
Penguins are usually associated to Antarctica which is a very cold region. But they are found in other parts of the world like Southern Hemisphere, which is not a cold region like Antarctica. Countries in Southern Hemisphere are South Africa, Namibia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia and even Paraguay and these countries plenty of penguins here and there.

Where do Penguins Live – Various Species

There are various types of penguin species and they found in different place around the world. Some of the most popular and common are:

Adelie penguin

These are found in Antarctica, Bouvet, Balleny, South Shetlands, Peter Island and South Orkneys. Their normal height is 70 cm or 2.30 feet. However, male Adelie Penguins are little bit larger than females. They are also called Pygoscelis adeliae.

African Penguin

Also called Spheniscus demersus, it is found in South Africa and Namibia and have an average height of 68 cm or 2.23 feet.

Chinstrap Penguin

Also called Pygoscelis Antarctica, they are native to South Sandwich Islands, South Orkneys, Bouvet, Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetlands, South Georgia, Balleny and Peter Island regions. Their average height is 74 cm or 2.43 feet.

Emperor Penguin

Also famous with the name of Aptenodytes forsteri, their normal height is 120 cm or 3.93 feet and are native to the Antarctica region.

Erect-crested Penguin

Also called Eudyptes sclateri, they live in Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty and Campbell Islands and are of 67 cm or 2.19 feet in height.

Fiordland Penguin / Eudyptes pachyrhynchus

These penguins live in New Zealand and have height of 55 cm or 1.80 feet.

Galapagos Penguin / Spheniscus mendiculus

They are found in Galapagos Islands and have height of 49 cm or 1.61 feet.

Gentoo Penguin / Pygoscelis papua

They live in Antarctic Peninsula and Subantarctic islands and of 80 cm or 2.62 feet in height.

Humboldt Penguin / Spheniscus humboldti

This specie has height of 70 cm or 2.29 feet and mostly live in Peru and Northern Chile.

King Penguin / Aptenodytes patagonicus

They live in Marion, Kerguelen, Heard, Macquarie, Crozet , South Georgia, Prince Edward and Falkland Islands with a average height of 90 cm or 2.95 feet.

Little (Blue or Fairy) Penguin / Eudyptula minor

Commonly found in Australia and New Zealand and have a height of 43 cm or 1.41 feet.

Macaroni Penguin / Eudyptes chrysolophus

These have an average height of 70 cm or 2.29 feet and found in South Georgia, Falklands, South Sandwich, South Orkneys, Heard, South Shetlands, Prince Edward, Marion, Crozet, Kerguelen, Chile, Argentina, Antarctic Peninsula and Bouvet.

Magellanic Penguin / Spheniscus magellanicus

These are found in Chile, Falkland Islands and Argentina and have an average height of 70 cm.

Rockhopper Penguin

They live in Falkland Islands, Chile, Marion, Prince Edward, Crozet, Argentina , Kerguelen, Heard, Auckland Islands, Tristan de Cunha, MacDonald, Macquarie, Campbell, Antipodes, Gough, St Paul and Amsterdam Islands. Normal average height is 52 cm.

Penguin is a harmless bird with two wings left and right and looks very beautiful specially penguins that live in Antarctica. We covered an important topic where do penguins live today. In next post, we will cover some more related stuff very soon.