What Does ACH Stand For In Banking

The banking industry is wide and has so many operations running under its belt. Apparently, it looks like banks are just doing cash deposits; cash withdraws and checks clearing facilities. But it is not as simple as it looks to be. There are so many other operations that are hidden from a layman. Banks apart from performing the above functions also perform treasury functions. They do hedging and also play in derivatives. But ACH Automated Clearing House is terminology in the banking industry which has got plenty of popularity among businessmen and individuals.
What Does ACH Stand For In Banking?

ACH refers to slightly different meanings in banking in various countries. In the United States of America, it is a national network through which each bank is connected. Whenever a person wants to do a transaction, he makes login to its account and does the transaction. There are almost all banks that have installed internet banking as well which is also connected to ACH – Automated Clearing House. In ACH, banks are connected to each other and people can do transactions between various banks without hassle. It means that every bank is your bank.

Often Automated Clearing House is also used with various terminologies like EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or Direct Deposit. However, people mix ACH with a wire transfer. Wire transfer has been designed to provide better-individualized services than bulk payment options like ACH and Check21. International wire transfer and western union transfers are examples of wire transfer.

ACH Automated Clearing House Advantages

1. ACH is very beneficial for transferring funds electronically without the hassle of writing checks and papers.

2. Funds are transferred from one customer account to another via state bank or central bank of the country.

3. ACH has a success rate of 99.8% and almost all employees receive their salaries on time with Automated Clearing House.

4. As you do not need to go to the bank and withdraw the cash amount, the chances of theft have almost eliminated.

5. Vendors who supply products or services to the state receive their outstanding amount via ACH.

6. Utility users do not need to keep track of the last date of their utility bills because by activating and utilizing the power of ACH, your bill will be paid automatically. You will be saving a penalty or any other late payment surcharge as well.

7. Parents prefer to use the ACH option to pay their children’s school and tuition fees directly to the school bank account or tuition provider’s bank account.

8. Automated Clearing House system has been integrated with point of sale – POS terminals installed at various retail chain outlets, shopping centers and picnic point for easy swapping your debit card or credit card. When you hand over your debit card or credit card, the merchant scans your card via a machine which converts this into an ACH item.

In this article what does ACH stand for in banking, we tried our best to explain the term ACH and to identify the hidden potentials and benefits of ACH from various aspects and context. We are hopeful that you will like this.