How To Make Beaded Bracelets At Home

Everyday fashion is making our life more stylish and beautiful. Various new dresses, makeup, and brands are decorating the beauty and fashion outlets. The same is the case with beaded bracelets. When you visit various celebrities website, you will see celebrities wearing beautiful bracelets which make their personality adoring and dashing. Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Salma Hayek, Antonio Banderas are mostly seen wearing various beautiful bracelets.
The popularity of bracelet can be judged from the fact that when you open Pinterest, you will find a huge amount of lucrative, colorful, beautiful, marvelous and unique style beaded bracelets. Keeping in view the popularity, we have decided to uncover the technique behind How to Make Beaded Bracelets at Home.

How to Make Beaded Bracelets at Home

The following is the step by step process to make beaded bracelets:

1. You need to accumulate 12 color beads, six metal beads, six metal spacers, clasp, stretchy thread, needle, and scissors. Keep children away from beads as they can eat them which could lead to life-threatening situations and could block sinuous nerves. It is advised to do this in the storeroom with beads within a small bowl.

2. Cross thread from the needle and then start wearing beads one by one in the thread. Make sure that you separate each color bead via metal beads and metal spacers. Metal beads look very elegant and put a dashing effect on your personality. Metal spacers have been used to give uniqueness to the bracelet so that it could not look like an ordinary cheaper bracelet.

3. Make sure you use a high-quality strong thread. I have seen and used many bracelets that get weaker after 1 week and get break leading to beads lost.

4. There are threads available in the market which are made up of plastic material and will not break easily. Within the plastic thread, you will find various quality threads, choose the one which is durable and does not affect your wrist skin.

5. When you have successfully put into all the colorful beads, metal beads and spacers into the thread, try to put a ring style metal color or golden color ring at the start and at the end of the bracelet. And then connect each point using a designer crimper to fold each unit such that each point intersects the other and tides up so that bracelet could not open up in future when you wear it on your wrist. Make sure that you do not leave empty gaps in between color beads, metal beads, and metal spacers; otherwise, your bracelet would be looking something else and will put a daunting effect on your personality. The tighter the beads are grouped together, the excellent bracelet will look.

6. Your bracelet is ready and you can wear it, enjoy wearing it at home, parties, and picnics. The choice is yours!

In the next post, we will cover some more arts and craft topics in detail such as this post How to make beaded bracelets at home.