Aadhar Update Form

It is the duty of every Government to have every person's profile details up to date. The Indian Government is not an exception. In order to achieve the objectives, Government established UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) in 2010. Since then, UIDAI is performing very well and is working hard to deliver the results. The establishment of Aadhar Enrollment Centre is the backbone of aadhar card enrollment and subsequent updating of records in the UIDAI database.
If you are an aadhar cardholder, at any stage of your life, you might be in a need to make changes in your aadhar details. Aadhar Update Form is the answer to your solution. The need for change in aadhar might be due to spelling mistakes, gender problem or address change. More specifically, a newly married woman will have to submit the Aadhar Update Form as well to account for changes in her name & address or you can take aadhar card online print.

You can easily update your details in the UIDAI database via the online or offline methods. By following the easy to follow the guide mentioned below, you can change the aadhar details such as an address, name, mobile number, date of birth and email id.

Aadhar Update Form Online Form

The online process seems to be a difficult task. But in reality, it is the easiest, convenient and economical method to update records.

Visit the Aadhar SSUP (Self Service Update) Portal https://www.eaadhar.download/. Once it is open, click Address Update Request link. This is helpful if you have valid address proof. Otherwise, you have to click Request for Aadhar Validation Letter.

On the next page, enter your aadhar number. It is a 12 digit unique number. On the same page, enter the security code. After that, click the button Send OTP or TOTP. Once doing this, you will receive an OTP message on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP to sign in into the Aadhar account.

You can also use TOTP (Time based one-time password) to sign in using Aadhar.

Now tick the address option and click the submit button. Enter the residential address as mentioned on the Proof of Address (PoA). After entering this, click the Submit Update Request. However, if you want to modify the address, click the Modify button and tick the declaration and click the Proceed button.  You have to select the document type that you want to submit as PoA for verification. You are also required to scan the document proof identity document and upload it on this page as well.

Now click the Yes button and select the BPO service provider and click the submit button. If your entered data is accurate, then BPO will forward your request to UIDAI for further processing. After that, an acknowledge slip will be provided to you.

Offline Process - This is a method in which you have to visit the Aadhar Enrollment Centre. There you have to fill the Aadhar Update Form. Please note that you have to enter the right details such as the corrected address and not the one written in your aadhar. You are required to submit supporting documents as well. The aadhar staff will charge you INR 25 for making an updating request.